6 Zodiac Signs Are Terrible At Dating

Your craziness is well-known. While occasionally enjoyable, it may sometimes be draining. Nobody knows what to anticipate from you. While amusing, this may be stressful and exhausting to maintain.


Your inclusion on this list is expected. Although you have amazing relationship potential, your jealously and possessiveness might make dating difficult. You fear being misled, so your defenses generally turn others off or prevent them from becoming attached.


Your individuality and quirkiness make you intriguing. However, your emotional detachment and almost robotic approach make you difficult to connect with emotionally. Let them in—you'll be shocked how wonderful it is.


Just a bit too much. Too much drama, intensity, and honesty may be dangerous! Every zodiac creature fears facing you! While your fire and passion serve you well in life, they might be daunting for a love potential, so tone it down!


Your drive is nearly excessive. You're excessively self-centered and ambitious. Depending on your mood, you can be cruel and use your power to hurt others.


Sweet and delicate pisces may be dreamy or nightmare. You can be a great, committed spouse by prioritizing your emotional health. If you let your baser impulses take over, you might be clinging, dependent, hypersensitive, and worst of all, a victim.


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