6 Ways To Lower Your Cortisol Levels and Destress Instantly

You probably link cortisol with stress and weight gain. You may not know that your body naturally creates cortisol, which helps you control your blood sugar, blood pressure, and metabolism.

Don't have sugar in the morning

It's tempting to grab a breakfast pastry on the fly, but carbs digest quickly. Simple carbohydrates like refined white, doughy, and sugar-packed snacks raise blood sugar.

Incorporate 20 grams of protein into each meal

Your meals should contain 20 grams of protein. Combine protein with tiny amounts of fiber-rich carbs for a strong energy boost.

The Nutrition Twins recommend covering your eyes during this "cortisol reset" to reduce tension before supper.

Hang your legs on a wall for 10 minutes before dinner.

Activating your parasympathetic nervous system while showering calms your "fight or flight" response.

Hum while you're in the shower

Magnesium-rich meals improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and lower cortisol.Stress reaction is reduced by magnesium.

Add more magnesium-packed foods to your diet

Wear an eye mask before entering Dreamland. Light in the bedroom can disrupt restful sleep and raise cortisol levels.

Use an eye mask when you sleep

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