6 Simple Glute Stretches to Do Every Single Day

You may swiftly stretch your arms and legs before or after an exercise or forget to stretch (A habit worth breaking). The glutes are often disregarded but crucial to stretching.

Benefits of Glute Stretches

Glute muscles are important for everyday tasks including standing up, climbing stairs, and maintaining standing. No matter how much you workout, stretching your glutes everyday is a terrific method to preserve function and flexibility.

Best Glute Stretches to Do Daily

Glute stretches may seem harder than hamstring stretches, but if you get the hang of them, they're easy to include into a daily stretching practice. Lohre and White propose their top six basic glute stretches for optimum flexibility and pain alleviation.

Seated Piriformis Stretch

If you have knee problems, Lohre advises against putting too much pressure on it with the other elbow. Sit tall and elevate your chest and shoulders during the stretch.

Pigeon Pose

The classic yoga stance pigeon pose deeply stretches the glutes and hip flexors.

The standing figure-4 stretch is a great glute stretch for your gluteus maximus and medius.

Standing Figure-Four Stretch

If pigeon stance or standing figure four are too difficult, try lying figure-four stretch.

Lying Figure-Four Stretch

Another figure-four stretch is to hold the same position while seated.This simple but effective stretch is a good start.

Seated Figure-Four Stretch

Kickboxing fans have undoubtedly done or seen a high kick. High kicks are one of the most dynamic glute stretches.

High Kick

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