6 Foods Health Experts Say Lead To Visceral Fat

Visceral fat, sometimes known as “hidden fat,” is stored in the belly and around organs. Visceral fat produces hazardous chemicals and hormones that "place these individuals at higher risk for serious health issues" compared to subcutaneous fat.

Processed Sugar Or White Sugar

Refined sugars include empty calories, which can cause weight gain. They also boost blood sugar and crash it, causing cravings and energy slumps throughout the day.

Fruit Smoothies With Added Sugars

A premed smoothie has 14 teaspoons of sugar, the same as a single-serve Coca Cola!

Traditional potato chips are fried with sodium or artificial flavors.The consumer may also eat high-fat dips or cheeses mindlessly.

Salty Potato Chips

A serving of alcohol has 70–160 calories, which isn't too much. When we drink alcohol, the immune system fights it, slowing down other metabolic pathways like calorie burning.

Drinks With Alcohol

Starting the day with a sugary pastry like a danish or donut may taste good, but it might harm your health and weight. This is because they contain loads of unhealthy calories.

Sugary Pastries

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