6 American Foods That Are Banned In Other Countries

There are unhealthy things we eat daily. Junk food, candies, and processed foods are in most American kitchens and fridges.

1. Brominated Vegetable Oil

Your soda or sports drink may have more than astonishingly high sugar. Brominated vegetable oil is often present.

2. A Hormone Added To Milk

American dairy still contains rBST. It has been connected to various cow health issues, but its effects on humans are unknown.

Both dyes trigger hyperactivity in children. Avoid brands using this ingredient by reading labels.

3. Food Dye In Boxed Mac N' Cheese

This ingredient lowers ground beef fat when processed with ammonia. This causes several health issues in humans.

4. Pink Slime

Health, safety, and efficacy of genetically modified foods (GMOs) are still debated. Numerous nations have outlawed them.

5. Genetically Modified Foods

Chlorinated chicken is safe in the US. To kill hazardous microorganisms, hens are chlorine-treated.

6. Chlorine Treated Chicken

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