5 Best Weight Loss Strength Workouts for Women

Fan bikes differ from stationary bikes. This sophisticated cardio equipment works your legs, arms, and core. Mixing high-intensity bursts with low-intensity intervals is ideal for interval training.

Fan Bike Workout

Deadlifts can boost back, glute, and hamstring strength, despite their scary appearance. Lift a moderate weight with a straight back. Keep the bar tight and lift with your heels, not your back.

Deadlift Workout

Squats are the classic lower-body exercise. This technique works practically every lower-body muscle, including abdominal.

 Squat Workout

Pull-ups are a back, shoulder, and arm workout. Starting with aided pull-ups is progress. Keep your core tight and lift up with upper body strength, not kicking or swinging.

Pull-up Workout

Picking up big objects and walking is the easiest. Keep your core engaged and posture erect when using kettlebells, dumbbells, or bags of groceries. Start walking for a minute or two, then increase. You'll gain strength, endurance, and core stability.

Weighted Carries

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