5 Best Strength Exercises for Waist Slimming

Hold a dumbbell with your palms facing your body for the dumbbell deadlift. PureGym advises keeping your core tight and spine neutral to create tension between the weights, body, and ground. Then bend your hips back to lower the dumbbells. Regain height by pressing through your feet at the bottom.


Bodyweight squats are OK, but Read recommends using a heavy barbell for glute and quad muscular building. MasterClass recommends barbell squats for strength training since they enhance lower-body muscular mass.


We'll finish with the bench press. PureGym recommends resting flat on a training bench with both eyes towards the bar or behind it. Claim the bar with hands outside shoulder-width. To arch your lower back, press your shoulder blades back and drive your feet into the floor. Hold the bar above your torso after unracking it. Carefully lower the barbell to your chest without flaring your elbows. 

Bench Press

Stand underneath the pull-up bar to start pull-ups. Sweat App advises getting an overhand hold on the bar with both hands outside shoulder-width. Inhale and exhale and hang from the bar with your arms fully extended. Pull yourself up to the bar with bent elbows and retracted shoulders.


For a barbell row, place your feet shoulder-width apart. WebMD advises squatting to grab the bar with hands wider than shoulder spread and elbows out. Stand up and raise the barbell with a straight back. Core squeeze and hip hinge back. Bring your elbows back and "row" the bar to your chest to start rowing. 


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