5 Best Standing Workouts for Women To Lose Weight

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks work various muscular groups and increase heart rate. They help build lower body muscle, giving women the slim, toned look they want.

Stand with feet together and arms at sides. Jump with legs open and arms aloft. Get back to the start. Repeat three 30-second sets.

High Knees

High knees burn calories, strengthen your core, and increase heart rate. Building a strong, lean core and burning fat benefits women significantly.

Place your feet hip-width apart. Raise your right leg as high as possible while raising your left arm. Quickly switch knees and arms. Repeat three 30-second sets.

Squat Jumps

Squat leaps combine lower-body strength training with explosive movements to burn more calories and create lean muscle, improving metabolism. Women want to tone and shape their lower bodies, while squat jumps work the glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings.


Burpees are a high-intensity, full-body strength-and-cardio workout that boosts metabolism. They also tone and lose weight by using different muscle groups.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms at your sides. Squat with your hands in front of you. Kick your feet back into plank. Return your feet to squatting immediately. Jump up explosively from the squat, arms aloft. Sequence again. Do three 12-rep sets.

Slow Marches

Slow marches enhance metabolism and muscular tone by engaging the core and lower body. This low-impact workout may be done for extended periods, burning calories without straining the joints.

Stand tall with your feet together and arms at your sides. Lift your right knee as high as comfortable while balancing on your left foot. Drop your right foot. Do the same with your left knee. Right and left knee lifts alternate. Complete three 30-second rounds.

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