5 Best Male Fitness Tips to Prevent Bone Loss After 60

Get comfortable with weight-bearing workouts. Garcia states, "Weight-bearing activities are foot aerobics. Walking, jogging, and hiking are weight-bearing."

Perform weight-bearing exercises.

These exercises trigger bone-building cells, strengthening bones. Research reveals that walking is a great workout for skeletal health, therefore walk regularly!

Perform weight-bearing exercises.

Preventing bone loss requires weightlifting. Garcia says this exercise builds muscular bass and bone strength by lifting weights or using resistance bands.

Train with weights.

Posture is something most of us overlook daily. Garcia says optimal posture distributes body weight evenly so you don't stress one place.

Be cautious of posture.

Balance and stability training is fun! Tai chi and yoga improve coordination and reduce fall risk. Science shows how beneficial daily workouts like yoga are. Research shows that 12 minutes of yoga can restore osteoporosis-related bone loss.

Improve your balance and stability.

This may seem paradoxical, but relaxing and healing are equally as vital as working out. Also, take modest steps and don't rush. Slow start is key here. To reduce injury risk, increase intensity and duration as you feel comfortable.

 Work slowly and relax when needed.

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