4 Zodiacs Who Want to Be Alone After Heartbreak

When battling, you crave space. Process your experience to grieve peacefully. You know there's nothing weak about crying, yet you don't want to offer people front-row seats.


You'd rather cry in private, then gather yourself before going out. Thanks for the hugs and sympathies, but you don't want any. Not soon after heartbreak. You seek solitude in your pain. Come out when you're well.

You'll be emotional following a split, so you'd prefer be alone. Be careful not to snap at unworthy individuals because you're in a bad mood. Avoid unnecessary drama. You want to be alone to face your pain. 


You don't need someone to cheer you up since nothing will. You don't always need to be informed about silver linings. You must yell to yourself and cry into your pillowcase. Before thinking positively about your grief, you must get over your melancholy.

When devastated, you want time to absorb your feelings alone. You don't want somebody pressuring you to talk about topics you're not ready to talk about or showing sympathy. 


Heartbreak hurts, but you know you'll get through it. You believe you'll be stronger. However, you don't need more eyeballs while you struggle. You'd rather cry in bed alone than have folks ask whether you're okay. Your condition is bad. You will be.

When devastated, you want to be alone since your sentiments are embarrassing. Even if you have nothing to be ashamed of, you feel ridiculous for falling so deeply for this person and being so startled by losing them.


You'll want to tell people all about your sentiments, but they're too raw when you're grieving. After a breakup, you want to be alone. Do not discuss what occurred until you have accepted it.

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