4 Zodiacs Beginning A New Life Chapter In October


Libra, your latest life chapter involves expressing long-held feelings. It's like you've cracked the most common TV therapist question, “And how does that make you feel?” and been released from your inner torment. Look in the mirror and acknowledge feelings like loneliness, unhappiness, or desires, then make decisions that reflect those sentiments.

You no longer fumble about trying everything to see what works without a success criteria. Adjusting as you go, checking in with yourself and others to find what works for you. Don't allow anyone say this trip is self-centered. You can only properly care for others if you thoroughly understand self-care. 


Coming into your own and becoming the adult you imagined as a youngster is the next chapter in your life. Autumn's royal beauty will let you shine and show off this latest peak. There is no single pinnacle to life, only a sequence of times when we feel our finest. 

Wear that turtleneck, rent that costly Halloween costume, or give your area the perfect Fall makeover. Your exterior changes mirror your inward shift. You're calmer, more confident, and less uncertain about your purpose. You are independent and curious, ready to see the world. 


Scorpio, you fear this next life chapter. You chose something difficult, long, and painful. The imagination was merely anticipating anxiousness. When you start doing and find this isn't half as horrible as you imagined it would be, the chapter begins. Maybe you start like it. It takes time to settle in and form habits.

You must trust yourself to overcome those early fears and appraise this new phase based on your experience. We occasionally love things we thought we'd detest and are disappointed by things we're most excited about. This chapter teaches you to be present. 


Sagittarius, people don't understand how Type A you are behind the scenes for planning. Everything seems perfect, like you simply rolled out of bed feeling wonderful, stumbled into the loveliest cafe in town, and introduced yourself to a stranger. You work hard, though.

You develop a plan, agenda, and itinerary and strive to follow it. This month, your new life chapter is about unexpected moments. They diverge from your plan. This is your moment to pivot, follow your instinct, and seize an opportunity. Do something you've been considering, sign up, and start before you overthink it. 

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