4 simple weight loss lessons from a cardiologist

A cardiologist who lost 30 pounds and gained muscle said his success wasn't due to any crazy workouts or secret diets, just some easy at-home strategies.

He said that making small changes instead of trying extreme or strict programs and finding an enjoyable and healthy routine helped him see lasting results. 

Consistency is key

Shere claimed that consistency and making gradual changes while adhering to them over time were more important to his physical transformation than any particular diet or activity.

Prior to last year, he claimed he occasionally went to the gym but lacked a strategy and frequently ate takeout and processed food.

Avoid extreme diets

He replaced pasta with chickpea noodles for high-protein recipes. He had his favorite dessert, dark chocolate, over plant-based Greek yogurt for extra protein.

Holly Baxter, a dietitian, told Insider that restricted diets can fail because you consume things you feel terrible about. She added many then overcompensate by reducing their food intake, creating a vicious cycle.

Too much exercise might backfire and prevent you from seeing results, especially if it interferes with your sleep or recovery time.

Find a workout you don't hate

To lose 30 pounds in a year, you should lose around 2 1/2 pounds per month, or just over 1/2 pound per week. That's within the sustainable weight loss range of a pound or two per week.

Be patient

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