30 Days Standing to Sculpt Rip Abs in Record Time

Start with high knees, hip-width stance, and tall. Quickly raise one knee to your chest, then lower it and repeat with the other. Alternate knee lifts like running in place.

Day 1—10: 1. High Knees

Start this exercise by placing your feet outside shoulder-width on the floor. Kneel a little. Head and hips should face forward as much as possible during activity. Extension your arms to your sides. Squeeze your shoulder blades while you twist your torso left and right.

2. Oblique Twists

Stand tall and set your feet hip-distance apart for standing bicycle crunches. Put your hands behind your head. Lift your right knee and spin your body to connect your left elbow to your right knee. Return to the starting point and repeat on the other side.

3. Standing Bicycle Crunches

Stand side leg lifts with feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees and engage your core. Keep your right leg steady and raise your left leg as high as possible. Do the opposite side.

4. Standing Side Leg Raises

Mountaineers stand on high knees with one arm aloft. As you bring your left knee to your waist, elevate your right arm overhead. As you elevate your right leg, quickly raise your left arm overhead. Maintain alternation.

Day 11—20 1. Standing Mountain Climbers

Plant your feet shoulder-distance apart and grasp a dumbbell for wood chops. Bring the dumbbell to your left side with a hip twist. Twist to the right and pull the dumbbell down and across your body to your right side, using your core.

2. Wood choppers

The standing Russian twist works your obliques well. Plant your feet shoulder-distance apart and grip a medicine ball in front of you. Your arms should be horizontal. Rotate your right foot and left torso. Then pivot your left foot and rotate right. Continue twisting.

3. Standing Russian Twists

Start the standing cross crunch with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands behind your head. Lift your right knee and bring your left elbow to meet it, crunching your body. Lower your leg and rapidly elevate your left knee to meet your right elbow. Maintain alternation.

Day 21—30 1. Standing Cross Crunches

Standing tall with your left leg up and toes pointed front, start leg circles. Hold onto a chair on your right for support. Put your left hand on your hip. Raise your leg and make little circles. Repeat on the other side.

2. Standing Leg Circles

Stand tall with shoulder-width feet. Arms out at sides. Lift your right leg as high as possible and stretch your left arm front of you. Contract your abs. Return to the start. Then raise your left knee and extend your right arm. Repeat on other sides and compress your core.

3. Knee-raise