3 Zodiacs Who Are Impossible To Read

While certain signs of the zodiac deliberately keep their emotions to themselves, Taurus just believes you already know what they are thinking and feeling. Even if they don't mean to be mysterious, that's how they always come across.


They are doing it without realizing it. Their emotions are often difficult to interpret, unless they are ones of stubbornness or impatience. People who are Tauruses tend to say things like, "You didn't realize I was into you?

I believed it to be evident! Sadly, with Tauruses, not everything is immediately clear. But if you just ask, they're happy to explain the true situation since they're not being deliberately evasive.

Nobody, even themselves, is surprised to see Scorpio on this list. Even if they are really sensitive and profound individuals, they aren't going to open up to you about their feelings.


When you ask them what's wrong, they close up and refuse to let you in, even though you can tell by the looks on their faces. The less likely they are to let you in, the more under pressure they feel to do so.

It is almost hard to read a Scorpio's thoughts, feelings, or motives because of this. You have to be there for them through thick and thin and establish your reliability before you can genuinely get to know them.

Aquarius is the antithesis of Scorpio, who has a deep reservoir of emotion that frequently comes through on their face. They don't have the same intensity of feeling as many other signs of the zodiac, and even when they do, you never know.


Their expression is the same, indifferent as it always is. Reading them becomes almost difficult as a result. Most of their book covers are empty. Furthermore, you won't always succeed in asking them how they feel. Learning the subtle cues that indicate their emotions is your best bet, but it may take years to get the hang of it.

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