3 Zodiac Signs With The Highest Romantic Standards

Virgos put their all into everything they do; they meticulously prepare every excursion, adjustment, and occasion. Mercury, the planet that rules Virgos, gives them a hyper-driven personality that drives them to always strive for excellence.


They do have some quite high criteria, but not so high that they're totally unachievable, because they want to constantly aim for the finest alternative available. Even with their lofty expectations, they remain firmly rooted in reality.

Libras have a seductive appeal that draws in practically everyone they come into contact with. Their attraction keeps attracting people to them, so they feel comfortable waiting till the right one comes along.


They refuse to settle for anything less than what they genuinely deserve. Libras have a strong belief that someone will come along who would not only meet but also beyond their expectations, giving them all they could possibly want for and more.

However, this does not imply that they are conceited or self-centered in a partnership. In actuality, they are steadfastly committed to equity and balance. They know how crucial it is to establish relationships that are emotionally and physically compatible in order to guarantee a long-lasting bond.

They also aim for emotional and physical beauty in their relationships. Because of this, Libras have high expectations but also the fortitude to wait for their ideal of perfection.

Capricorns lust after achievement and are endlessly inspired. They never settle for mediocrity, striving for excellence in everything. Capricorns, guided by Saturn, labor tirelessly and are determined to achieve their goals.


With such lofty aspirations, Capricorns know that success requires discipline and tenacity. They face obstacles head-on and utilize setbacks as stepping stones to progress. They go closer to realizing their dreams with each achievement. They need someone who can match their unmatched, aspiring mentality.

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