3 Zodiac Men Who Give Off Bad Boy Energy

Bad guy Aries is temperful. He'll keep you guessing because he could explode. Luckily, if he loves you, he'll vent his resentment at those who cross you. Peak “don't mess with my woman” feelings. 


Aries have bad boy energy because they move on swiftly when they lose interest. You won't obtain closure through protracted chats. This man has more pressing matters.

Gemini bad boys are pandemonium. You'll hardly catch your breath being with them as they swing between hot and cold, interested and then ghost you.


Expect tons of flirtation, even when you're together, from them and others. If they lose interest, they become cold and aloof. Twins represent Gemini because they're two-faced bad boys.

Stereotypical bad boys include Scorpios. These brooding, mysterious creatures make you feel like the sexiest person in the room when they like you. 


They have strong emotions and sex appeal, yet they shut down like a frightening bank vault when talking about their feelings or history. You'll get ghosted if they think you desire more than they can provide.

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