2 Unexpected Beverages That Are Actually Leading To Belly Fat

Fruit Juice

Despite being healthful, fruit juices can cause belly obesity. While fruit juices include vitamins and minerals, many commercial ones are high in sugar. These concentrated carbohydrates can raise blood sugar, causing the body to retain extra calories as fat, especially in the abdomen.

Fruit juices are heavy in sugars and calories yet sound nutritious. These drinks and smoothies feature lots of added sugar. "This can add hundreds of calories to your day and increase abdominal fat," Feder explains.

Fruit juices in moderation, especially freshly squeezed or low-sugar ones, may reduce belly fat and promote a healthy lifestyle.


Coffeehouse favorites like lattes can cause belly obesity if drunk unconsciously. Flavored lattes sometimes include too many calories from additional sweeteners and high-fat dairy ingredients like whole milk or whipped cream. These additional calories might cause weight gain and belly fat if not expended through exercise.

Lattes are popular and many individuals drink more than one daily. Traditions call for full milk and flavoring in lattes. These can cost hundreds of calories because whole milk is heavy in fat, sugar, and calories. Feder observes that this can increase belly fat over time.

Choosing almond or skim milk and drinking your latte in moderation will help you enjoy this delectable drink without gaining belly fat.

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