10 Most NFL-Obsessed States in the U.S.

Due to its Vikings fanbase, Minnesota made the top 10 NFL-obsessed states. For its startling architecture that uses sharp angles and shiny glass, the team's home stadium in Minneapolis was recently named one of the ugliest structures in the U.S.


South Dakota may be home to the famous Mount Rushmore, but it is one of the five states in the top ten that is not home to an NFL franchise. Still, data shows that residents appear to be big professional football fans, with 468,519 Google searches per 909,824 residents.

South Dakota

Hawaiians still love football, according to data: Local FOX affiliate KHON-TV reports that the San Francisco 49ers are the most popular team, followed by the Rams, Raiders, and Cowboys.


Coloradoans are still passionate about the professionals despite the recent college football frenzy. As the state's only NFL club, the Denver Broncos are well-liked due to their 1997 and 1998 Super Bowl triumphs under John Elway and their 2015 success with Peyton Manning.


Though not the only state without an NFL club, New Mexico is close to others. The Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos, and Dallas Cowboys are on almost every border.

New Mexico

North Dakota ranks higher in NFL popularity than South Dakota, despite its geography. State data showed 423,836 searches per 779,261 inhabitants.

North Dakota

Pennsylvanians' NFL fandom isn't surprising. The Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers are two of the league's most successful teams. The state's 12,972,008 residents—the most on the list—made 7,057,152 NFL-related searches to place it in the top five.


Maryland is a pro-football stronghold. Along with the Baltimore Ravens, the Washington Commanders are a perennial favorite.


Las Vegas may have just recently adopted the Raiders as their home team, but citizens' NFL fandom likely influenced their move. To finish the season, the state will host the Super Bowl for the first time.


Delaware claims to be the "first state," but NFL fans rank it first. It topped the chart with 616,974 queries from 1,018,396 inhabitants. Why? Perhaps because the tiny state is home to Baltimore Ravens, Philadelphia Eagles, and Washington Commanders fans despite not having a franchise.


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