10 'Golden Rules' for Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy diet trends come and go, but breakfast is essential. Since breakfast boosts metabolism, frequent eaters lose more weight.

Thou shalt eat breakfast

Cutting out manufactured meals and eating fresh, Earth-sourced foods is one of the fastest ways to see and feel improvements. Choose healthy, natural foods and follow our clean eating rules.

Thou shalt keep it clean

Even nutritious meals might ruin your weight reduction efforts if you consume them without realizing it. Learn how much is a serving or use portion-control solutions to be more exact.

Control sections

For weight loss, Michelle Bridges of The Biggest Loser Australia advocates working out "six days a week, ideally for 50 to 60 minutes at a time," and don't be afraid to go extreme, feel the burn, and sweat.

Thou shalt welcome a sweaty workout session

As you lose weight, there's more to enjoy than a low number on the scale. Setting personal mini-goals like preparing for a marathon, wearing old pants, or lifting harder weights can help you remain engaged and notice your daily progress.

Set mini-goals.

Dietitian Julie Upton, MS, RD, advises "drinking half your body weight in fluid ounces of water (or other calorie-free beverages)" for weight loss. Cold water temporarily boosts metabolism by 30%, burning 100 extra calories every day."

Drink extra water.

Any sustained weight reduction strategy includes occasional sweet treats or special meals out, but you must be practical and prepare ahead. Going to the beach next weekend? Clean up your diet before your vacation. This gives you greater freedom to enjoy.

Thou shalt plan ahead

If you think strength training hinders weight reduction and outcomes, think again. Strength exercise increases metabolism and muscular mass. You may not weigh much, yet strength training reshapes your physique.

Strength train.

Sleep also surprisingly attacks "fat" genes. A twin research found that the twin who slept longer had a lower BMI. In brief? Relax and go to bed sooner. Your body appreciates you in advance for supporting its kitchen and gym efforts.

Rest well.

Being gentle to yourself helps you recover faster and stay on track. Have a sense of humor, laugh, and take it day by day. While weight reduction won't be easy, being kind to yourself and positive will make it easier.

Thou shalt remain positive

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